The Collective

Our mission

That Saint-Henri is a neighbourhood where food security is a reality for all residents.

  • To promote access to a variety of fresh and affordable foods close to home;
  • To create a space that promotes citizen participation through the sharing of knowledge and resources, exchange, and collaboration;  
  • To contribute towards the development of a sustainable, resilient, inclusive and representative food security network for all residents.

Our vision

  • A food network that is sustainable and resilient
  • A neighbourhood where everyone has access to the food they need
  • A place where sharing and exchange occurs, and where everyone feels at home
  • A place where neighbours can meet, whether through volunteering at the co-op or doing their groceries (or both!)
  • A way to collectively regain power over our food systems

Our values

Creativity: The ability to innovate, to dream, to redefine structures, to reimagine our neighbourhood, our food systems, and the ways that we live as a community.

Responsibility: Taking into account the correlation between our actions and our environment, in order to minimize the negative impacts on it and help ensure the sustainability of resources and a healthy and safe environment. We do this in adequacy by promoting the development of a resilient and inclusive food system.  Whether it is through the use of sustainable solutions or through a range of products from shortened food chains, respectful of the principles of agroecology.

Autonomy: Our values around self-organization and self-management are shown in our initiative to create an innovative framework for food self-sufficiency, independent of the financial and individual or organizational political interests of our partners. The transparency of our decision-making process, whether between committees or towards members or our partners, is fundamental within La DAL Collective.

Social justice: We commit to supporting each other collectively and in solidarity, always taking into account individual realities as well as everyone’s individual experiences of systemic oppression, in order to reduce the obstacles to participation, so that everyone can be involved — in both this initiative and in neighbourhood life — to the extent that they wish, and thus help reduce social inequalities.

What will you find?

  • Fresh produce from various producers
  • Bulk food items 
  • Affordable easy-to-make and ready-to-eat meals
  • And much more!