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Who we are

Dimitri Espérance 
Co-founder and General Manager
Five years ago, a series of circumstances led Dimitri to live in Saint-Henri, and he hasn’t left since. In May 2020, he decided to leave his consulting work to fully dedicate himself to this passion project: opening a self-managed food co-op in Saint-Henri West. A basketball aficionado, Dimitri is the brains behind the Association de Basketball du Sud-Ouest.

Maryse Gagné 
Co-founder and President 
Maryse has been a resident of Saint-Henri for 10 years, and accessibility to healthy food close to home has been a point of frustration for her. In the midst of the pandemic in May 2020, Maryse decided to get involved in La DAL Collective to improve access to food. She particularly enjoys time spent together around the table eating with friends.

Élizabeth Desrochers
Secretary of La DAL and Co-chair of the Communications Committee
A resident of Saint-Henri since 2016, Elizabeth joined La DAL in January 2021. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked in the field of social housing. She is always calm and collected, she is nonetheless a skilled negotiator! Elizabeth is also a Sunday ballerina, an unconditional lover of tomatoes, passionate about cooking, and a lover of wine. She has long been interested in responsible agriculture and food security issues.

Mélanie Ederer 
Co-chair of the Members’ Committee
Mélanie is a consultant and facilitator in citizen participation. She works to eliminate barriers to accessibility and works towards increasing participation in and access to positions of power. She believes that you have to be able to eat in order to change the world.

Camille Charbonneau
Co-chair of the Communication Committee
Camille is passionate about renewable energy and climate resiliency. Fresh and affordable local food is something that is quite important to her, which is why she joined La DAL in February 2021. A Saint-Henri resident for more than 4 years, she’s currently completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at UQÀM, and grows a garden on her balcony. 

Nicola Bélanger 
Previously working in TV post-production, Nicola decided to return to what mattered most to him and put his creativity towards citizen initiatives that implement real solutions for social transformation. In his spare time, he likes to translate his daily observations into cartoons on Instagram. You can watch his creations here!

Tessy Pokuah Paquin
Member of the Communication Committee
Tessy studied science for much of her life but now works in the music business. A resident of Saint-Henri for nearly 5 years and in love with her neighborhood, she is very happy to get involved.


It takes a village to feed everyone, and La DAL Collective wishes to acknowledge and give thanks to our collaborators, without whose support this project would not be possible: